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Jenna Swartz
February 6, 2012
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Can’t figure out what to wear on trips? Your travel attire should be easy to manage, wear, and wash, without making you look like a blatant tourist. Your attire can affect the kinds of interactions you have. Avoiding the tourist look can lead to a more authentic experience and reduced chance of theft. 2 Research the typical dress of a specific region before you go so that you’re not a prime target for pickpockets and can blend into your new environment.

Your goal should be “…to walk the streets and become part of the cultural landscape…try not to disrupt it with bright, white tennis shoes and fanny packs.”2 Opt for a lightweight messenger, worn across your shoulders. That way, you’ll be aware if anyone tries to snatch your purse. 3 Large zippered interior pockets in jackets are also ideal for passports, tickets, and money. Steer clear of suggestive, revealing pieces, especially in destinations where this is not the social norm. Avoid T-shirts with vulgar or offensive images or words. Bright colors and exotic patterns might work at home, but they could advertise your tourist status when traveling. 4

When you’re deciding what to wear to the airport, focus on ease. Many airports now use full body metal detectors, so don’t wear excessive jewelry and high-heeled shoes unless absolutely necessary. Save these accessories for your arrival instead. Avoid clingy, binding clothes and select an outfit with movement. Prepare a “travel day” outfit—use it on the day you depart and wear it again the day you return.

Over-packing leads to unnecessary fatigue, crankiness, and vulnerability on your trip. 1Make every article count—bring clothing that that can be easily layered and accommodates changes in temperature and weather. Pack pieces that complete a number of different outfits such as  black plants, a classic pair of jeans, a simple cocktail dress, and white or neutral sweaters, tees, and tanks. Dark neutrals work well with distinctive accessories.

Lightweight, quick drying knits and cotton blends are easy to wash in hotel sinks and won’t take up much room in your suitcase.  2 Skirts are a great option in more tropical environments. 1 If you’re heading to a rainy climate, buy an inexpensive umbrella and raincoat when you arrive. It’s one less thing you have to pack, and you can discard them before the trip home. A light weight scarf is a great staple, providing warmth and doubling as a quick cover-up.

Wear walking shoes for changing terrains. Cobblestone streets, steep hills, or long walks to the transit system are more surmountable in shoes that don’t give you blisters.  Padded foot beds, EVA insoles, and rubber soles all provide cushioning and ease fatigue. 2 Have fun with your attire, but don’t go overboard packing.  Today’s active wear, athletic shoes, and casual clothes blend a chic sensibility with comfort—a combination that never goes out of style.






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