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November 7, 2011
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Janet Davis-Leak


It wasn’t my imagination.  We just had a snowfall here in the east in October!  According to almanacs and weather wizards, it’s been eighty-five years since this last happened.  Just recently we’ve experienced a hurricane, tornadoes and even an earthquake and all within a relatively short span of time and all unexpectedly.  The key word here, I think, is unexpected.  We humans aren’t very comfortable with surprises and having things happen to us outside of our control.  However, things can, will and do happen that we have no control over all the time.  The important thing is learning how deal to with the unexpected.  Perhaps that’s why our Thanksgiving holiday is so relished.  For most of us, it’s part of what’s familiar and maybe even has the feel of the routine.  When our worlds are shaken, tossed and flipped upside down, i.e., a shaky economy, major job losses, our government being in turmoil and people around the world “occupying” their streets in protests. What we all need more than anything at times is a sense of the familiar and for many of us, the Thanksgiving holiday season provides just that….something that is safe and familiar.  Just what we all need right now.

Our cover, written by Erin Frost, is on The Samaritan Women Project, a community-based program “encouraging health, healing and hope” to women struggling to turn their lives around and to the community at large. Her interview with Jeanne Allert, Executive Director, gives us a full picture of the great works being done by this organization.   Please visit our website:, to view photos of their gala opening in our picture gallery.   All photos of the event were taken by staff photographer, Ric Guy.   Last month, our Mom Central writer, Leslie Orndoff, focused on the shy child; this month she gives information on how to best communicate with your child. November is Adoptions Month and our Woman of the Month is a young woman by the name of Antieris Johnson who is starting a new program called “Art Adopts a Child” in connection with the KidsPeace program, who’s focus is that of working with adopted and foster care children.  Ms. Johnson’s program will explore ways that children who have been adopted (or are going through the process) can, by using art, express their thoughts and feelings about what they are going through.  As an adopted person herself, Ms. Johnson speaks from first-hand experience.  Stop by our new column:  Taking Care of Business to learn how to conduct winning meetings, written by Ann Hosmer, business coach and if it’s healthier eating you’re aiming for, Lindsay Stroh gives guidance on organic eating.  Our Woman of Faith this month is Minister Angela M. Gracey of Immanuels Church in Silver Spring, Maryland.  She shares with us what “faith” means to her.  Please visit our Health and Fitness pages, as well as read-up on how the United Nations Women’s initiative has grown and developed since its inception over 20 years ago.  Our International News section also profiles the three women who were recently awarded the Nobel Prize for Peace: Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, peace activist Leymah Gbowee, and human rights activist Tawakkul Karman. The Nobel Prize Committee lauded their non-violent struggle for the safety of women and women’s rights to fully participate in peace-building work.  Sports writer, Keith Henry writes about Coppin State University’s volley ball coach, Millicent Sylvan-VanNorden who is bringing a sense of excitement and hope to the school and surrounding community.  Please pick-up a copy of WomanScope (or log onto our website: to read all of these stories and much more in this current issue.

Please take care everyone, enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday and happy reading!



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