New Years Resolutions

Aileen O. Gabbey
February 6, 2012
Filed under Pet Care

We all look to the New Year as a fresh start and chance to set resolutions for ourselves. It can be exciting! Our pets may even be motivators to keep us on track!

Many resolutions revolve around diet and exercise. It can be challenging to maintain discipline, especially around holiday time! Our pets do best when we are consistent with their diet and activities. We can do the same for ourselves!

Feeding our pets at set times and an amount is ideal for their health. Even though they often like rich people food (and beg for it!), it’s best not to give in for the sake of their well-being. Even though we’re very busy these days, setting a determined time for meals is a way to keep us, and our pets, on track with our diets!

Finding time to exercise is hard nowadays. We all have so many responsibilities and obligations. Having a dog is a wonderful way to make time for walking. Dogs love going for walks with their owners and it’s always fun to see their happy faces as you stroll the neighborhood. Depending on the dog (and the walker), you could even speed up to jogging!

For those without a dog in the home, there are other ways to keep New Year’s resolutions. Many of our fantastic volunteers at the Maryland SPCA come to walk the dogs in our adoption center. Not only does this benefit the animals in our care, it is also enjoyable and beneficial to the walkers! It is a chance to do something for homeless animals and feel good while doing it, too!

Adoption is also a great way to give a needy pet a home and start a new walking routine. Puppies like Hannah (pictured here) need exercise and can be great company on walks. Adult dogs will likely require less activity. Adopting a pet is also a way to reduce your own stress. Studies by the American Heart Association find that owning a pet can lower your blood pressure. Talk about win-win!

2012 is a great time to take on those resolutions – good food, fun exercise, helping others, and maybe even a new four-legged family member!



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