June Move of the Month

Tonya Wigfall
June 12, 2012
Filed under Health & Wellness

Tricep Dips

This compound exercise targets the triceps but involves both the elbow and the shoulder joint.  It requires no equipment; just a sturdy chair.  Note:  If you have shoulder problems, you may want to avoid this exercise.  To keep this move safe and effective, do not shrug the shoulders but rather keep them down and away from the ears as you perform the movement.


  1. Sit on a sturdy chair with the heels of your hands on the edge, arms flush to the body.  (Your legs should be in a 90-degree angle.)
  2. Supporting your weight with your hands, slide/lift your butt/hips forward off the seat.  (Your body should be a few inches in front of chair.  You may need to move your feet forward a half step.)
  3. Keeping the elbow inward/pointed straight back, lower body by bending arms (no lower than 90 degrees) toward the floor.  (Your body should just clear the seat. Shoulders relaxed, keep hips close to chair focusing on the triceps and not the shoulders.)
  4. Push back up without locking the elbows but do not use feet to help.  Repeat for 10-15 reps.

Note:  For a more advanced version (in step one) position both legs straight in front of you with your heels resting on the floor.


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