Tonya Wigfall
May 16, 2012
Filed under Health & Wellness


One-Arm Dumbbell Rows


Starting Position


With one dumbbell in your right hand, palm facing the body, step forward with your left leg as if you were going to lunge.  Bend the left knee and straighten your right leg back.  Rest the center of your left forearm on your left leg.  Note:  Create a flat back/neutral spine so that your head and spine are in alignment with your right leg.  Keep upper body steady with the abs pulled in tight.

Ending Position

With the right palm facing inward, “row” or pull the dumbbell up as high as possible (towards your armpit) while keeping your elbow close to the body.  Slowly lower dumbbell back down until arm is straight/relaxed in starting position.  This completes one repetition.  Note:  Do not lock out your elbow while arm is extended.

Finish one set of 15-25 repetitions and switch sides.  Complete 3-4 sets


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