Tatyana McFadden’s Chicago Marathon Win Marks An Incredible, Unparalleled Milestone

Courtesy of Huff Post.com
October 27, 2013

A University of Illinois student has achieved something no athlete has ever accomplished before. In winning the women’s wheelchair division of the recent Chicago Marathon, Tatyana McFadden not only set a new course record — of 1 hour, 42 minutes, 35 seconds — but she also became the... Read more »

Cross Fit

December 12, 2012

Cross Fit By Claire Knudsen Strength training, for years, has been a taboo for women. Why would a woman want to lift weights and gain muscle mass? Doesn’t weight gain carry a negative connotation; one that all women try to avoid as much as possible? The recent emergence of CrossFit has changed that,... Read more »

A Warrior’s Heart

Greg Stotler
June 18, 2012

While most 20-something women take yoga, Pilates or spin class to stay in shape, amateur boxer Amelia Moore burns out intense interval training five-days a week in order to dominate her opponents in the ring. Moore has been training in martial arts and boxing since the age of 11, and recommends it for... Read more »

Colliding with Collision

Keith Henry
May 16, 2012

Roughly six years ago, Joy Collision, also known as Marisa Singleton, was introduced to the sport of roller derby. “A friend of mine told me about roller derby. I had no idea what it was. But it sounded like a fun, aggressive sport when I was told about it. It was up my alley” said Collision. Collision... Read more »

Pat Summitt, Tennesee’s Lady Vol’s Coach Retires

Lynn Zinser
April 8, 2012

Pat Summitt’s Signature: Success and Dignity By LYNN ZINSER Published: April 19, 2012 It was at once a moment expected and inevitable and yet one with no way to prepare. As Tennessee’s women’s basketball season marched on, it became clear Pat Summitt could not sustain her role as head coach... Read more »

On the Lanes with Sharon Brummell

Keith Henry
February 6, 2012

Walking into the Woodlawn Fair Lanes on a Saturday evening, it didn’t take long to notice a small village gathering towards the left corner of the alley. Upon a closer look, parents and supporters of all the MEAC North schools were watching the second of three meets in the season of the strongest... Read more »

Co-Ed Sports Teams

Erin Hart
February 6, 2012

Sports leagues outside of college are becoming more popular, especially coed teams. From little league to college, the opportunity to play sports with the opposite sex has been available, but not as easy to find as today. With the computer generation, it is as easy as an online search to find a local... Read more »

Kids have fun without the pressure

Keith Henry
December 7, 2011

When most of us were kids, we would finish our homework, do our chores and then go outside and play with the kids in the neighborhood. While we played sports like baseball, football and tag, we didn’t think much about the pressure to win those games. We just wanted to have fun. That’s what the i9... Read more »

One-on-One with Coach Millicent Sylvan-Van Norden

Keith Henry
November 7, 2011

Millicent Sylvan-Van Norden has brought some excitement and hope to the volleyball program at Coppin State University and the surrounding community. She recently came from South Carolina State University, where she led the Lady Bulldogs to the MEAC Volleyball tournament title and an NCAA Tournament bid... Read more »

15 Years and Growing

Keith Henry
September 6, 2011

By Keith Henry Time has passed quickly and naysayers didn’t give it five years; however, as we turn the corner into its 15th year anniversary, fans of The Women’s National Basketball Association certainly have something to cheer about. In the beginning, most of the men I spoke with and listened to... Read more »