LEGAL: Why There Are Fewer Women in Law Firms

by Zoya Gervis, Staff Writer
November 3, 2013

The statistics are alarming — it is reported that 87 percent of law firm partners are still men. It’s disturbing to know that only 13 percent of partners in law firms are in fact women. The reason for the shock is that more and more women seem to be graduating from law school. In fact, data show... Read more »

Unequal Treatment of Female Attorneys in the Workplace

Zoya Gervis, Legal Columnist
September 1, 2013

It seems as though female attorneys are still greatly underrepresented in positions of leadership. Why do we still have such a disparity in the year 2013? Have we really not grown as a society? It was in 1963 when President John F. Kennedy signed the Equal Pay Act into law, which was intended to equalize... Read more »