How to Transition from Summer to Fall Beauty

Christina Scribner, Beauty Columnist
September 1, 2013

Every woman needs to know how to adjust her beauty routine as the seasons change. While the summer called for lots of sunblock and loose, wavy hair, you will notice that your needs during the brisk autumn season will differ. I’ll show you how to maintain your sexy summer glow, revamp your hairstyle... Read more »

BB Creams

Taz Robinson

Taz Robinson, Beauty Columnist
September 1, 2013

I am often asked, “What is a BB Cream?” BB Cream is short for beauty balm or blemish balm. Many claim to treat your skin with antioxidants and other anti-aging ingredients. Beauty balms — which are cousins of tinted moisturizers — offer a powerful SPF range. Prices can range from $9 to $40 and... Read more »

How to Change Your Facial Features with Makeup

Christina Scribner, Beauty Columnist
August 4, 2013

Every woman is beautiful, but we have all had times when we have stared at our reflections for hours, troubled by our own appearance. I am guilty of sucking my cheeks into my mouth, pretending to have higher, more defined cheekbones. Makeup is easily used to manipulate your features. Whether you wish... Read more »

Untraditional Beauty Tricks That Really Work by Staff Writer, Christina Scribner

By Christina Scribner
July 5, 2013

Every day we are promised miracle-in-a-bottle results as companies release new creams, serums and powders. We don’t realize that we could easily save thousands of dollars each year by creating our own formulas at home with inexpensive ingredients that aren’t hard to find. Face Emulate a high end... Read more »

Healthy Hair 101

By Christina Scribner, Staff Writer
June 8, 2013

We obsess over our hair in all the wrong ways. We spend hours using damaging chemicals, heat, and styling brushes, but unbeknownst to us we are ruining our most prized feature. It is time we learn to care for our hair, to achieve the strong, shiny, flawless locks we deserve!   Diet The appearance... Read more »

Tips You Need Before Hitting the Beach (BEAUTY) By Christina Scribner, Staff Writer

By Christina Scribner
May 1, 2013

Before you travel to the beach, plan weekend barbeques, or dive into the pool this summer, think about how much damage the extra sun exposure will cause your hair and skin. Do you know how to fade the appearance of dark sunspots, or keep your hair from looking like straw after a day in the pool? Protect... Read more »

By Christina Scribner, Staff Writer
April 12, 2013

  The Top 5 Beauty Trends for Spring 2013   Spring is finally here and is always the right time to revamp your beauty routine. This season brings dozens of beauty trends and the most popular, wearable and overall best are broken down for you right here.   The Official Color Deep green... Read more »

The Best Celebrity Beauty Product Lines

Christina Scribner, Staff Writer
March 2, 2013

The Best Celebrity Beauty Product Lines By Christina Scribner As women, there is at least one celebrity whose look we secretly envy or love out loud. Major companies are known to use influential spokes models to endorse beauty products; Cover Girl recently signed the pop star P!ink to be the face of... Read more »

Essential Valentine’s Day Beauty Tips

Christina Scribner, Staff Writer
February 2, 2013

Essential Valentine’s Day Beauty Tips By: Christina Scribner With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, women are shopping for awesome outfits and styling their hair for the biggest date night of the year. Today, we will highlight the most sensual fragrances, acne clearing solutions and at... Read more »

Quick Inexpensive Beauty Upgrade for Every Woman

Christine Scribner, Staff Writer
January 19, 2013

Quick Inexpensive Beauty Upgrades for Every Woman By Christine Scribner As women, we all have beauty tricks that we cannot live without but, parts of our routines may become outdated or even a little boring. When we feel that we look good on the outside, we automatically feel great about ourselves on... Read more »

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