Woman to Woman – September 2013

Pam Reaves, Woman to Woman Columnist
September 1, 2013

Woman-to-Woman is a monthly relationship column which invites women to ask the tough questions concerning the myriad issues and concerns that women face in their daily lives. Certified Life Coach Pam Reaves takes on the tough questions and offers candid answers.  Glamour Girl Not So Glamorous Q. I have... Read more »

Woman to Woman

Pam Reaves, Staff Writer
March 1, 2013

Mr. Wonderful He is Not By Pam Reaves Q:           During a monthly Dinner Club get together, one of our friends brought up [yet again] her relationship with a man who she has been dating for approximately a year.  The man with whom she is deeply in love is eight years her junior.  She describes... Read more »

Woman to Woman

December 13, 2012

Woman to Woman By Dr. Renee Parks Dear Dr. Renee,   I’ve been in the same marriage for 7 years now. My husband and I love each other very much but since we’ve had kids, we don’t seem to have time for sex anymore. We now focus on getting the kids to bed and then end up going to bed ourselves.... Read more »


Dr. Renee Parks
June 12, 2012

Dear Dr. Renée I love my boyfriend very much but I’m not ready for a commitment anytime soon. I recently overheard him talking to one of his friends saying that he plans on proposing. If he asks the question, I don’t want to hurt his feelings or break up with him, so how do I tell him that I’m... Read more »

How Do We Change That Problem Person?

Ann Hosmer
June 12, 2012

By Ann Hosmer, Team Management Specialist Building Winning Teams So, how do we force that problem person on our team to change?  The answer?  We don’t force anything. What’s more, we can’t.  Think about a time when someone in your life tried to change your behavior.  How did you respond? The... Read more »

Woman-to-Woman (May)

Dr. Renee Parks
May 16, 2012

Dear Dr. Renée Two months ago I cheated on my husband with a co-worker. It was a one-time thing and I regretted it almost immediately. Hoping that I could clear my guilty conscience, I came clean with my husband and told him what happened. Now he says he doesn’t think he can trust me and is talking... Read more »

The Internet: Attendance is Required

May 16, 2012

By Stephen B. Thomas Global Career Development Facilitator at Maryland New Directions If you’re part of the workforce world like me, you seek out hiring trends straight from the horse’s mouth.  So there I was, at a post-lunch speech by Adrienne Alberts, Lead Associate of University Relations at... Read more »


Dr. Renee Parks
April 8, 2012

Dear Dr. Renée, I bumped into an ex-boyfriend and we exchanged numbers. He has been calling me and surprisingly showing much more interest than when we were together. I really enjoy our conversations and thinking about maintaining a friendship with him again. He also knows that I have a boyfriend. Am... Read more »

January Woman-to-Woman

Dr. Renée Parks
February 6, 2012

Dear Dr. Renee, I am an upbeat and energetic 55 year old single woman. I seem to attract attention from much younger men. Is age an issue between two consenting adults? A life partnership is always possible, but is it okay to date a gentleman 25-30 years my junior? Cradle Conscious   Dear Cradle, It... Read more »

New Year’s Resolutions that Work!

Nettie Owens
February 6, 2012

The holidays are past, the last of the gift wrapping paper just went out with the recycling this morning and you are feeling the effects of too much egg nog, fruit cake and Uncle Jim’s stuffing.  Today is the day you resolve to make a change in your life.  It’s a new year, and what better time... Read more »

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