Caring for Aging Parents

June 26, 2012

Last July, Julie Baldocchi’s mother had a massive stroke and was paralyzed. Baldocchi suddenly had to become a family caregiver, something that she wasn’t prepared for. By Jessica B. Lifland, for USA TODAY Julie Baldocchi cares for her aging mother, Josephine Baldocchi, 83,... Read more »

As Title IX turns 40, women pay homage

June 25, 2012

As Title IX turns 40, women pay homage By Annie Groer Days before Title IX hits the Big Four-Oh, dozens of top-ranked women came to Washington to take a victory lap. Billie Jean King, with moderator and former All-American gymnast Bonnie Bernstein, left, and Assistant Attorney General for Civil rights... Read more »

Sticking Close to Home

Jenna Swartz
June 18, 2012

This summer, you don’t need to head far from home to have amazing adventures. Take a look at these things to do all over Baltimore, Washington D.C., and the Delmarva area.                                                       Visit the National... Read more »

A Warrior’s Heart

Greg Stotler
June 18, 2012

While most 20-something women take yoga, Pilates or spin class to stay in shape, amateur boxer Amelia Moore burns out intense interval training five-days a week in order to dominate her opponents in the ring. Moore has been training in martial arts and boxing since the age of 11, and recommends it for... Read more »

Distribution Locations

June 15, 2012

Through a partnership with The Mommie’s Network, a national stay-at-home mom’s online project (, WomanScope NewsMagazine (WSNM), is direct-mailed(monthly) into the hands and homes of nearly 30,000 avid readers, nationwide.  Our readers reside... Read more »

Spiritually Sound: Strengthening Our Spiritual Core

Vicki Townsend
June 12, 2012

For most of us, one leg of our life journey – at least the one that we are first conscious of – began when we were pimply-faced, gangly teenagers trying to figure out where we belong in the world. We probably didn’t recognize all of the changes we endured as first steps in our life’s journey.... Read more »

June Move of the Month

Tonya Wigfall
June 12, 2012

Tricep Dips This compound exercise targets the triceps but involves both the elbow and the shoulder joint.  It requires no equipment; just a sturdy chair.  Note:  If you have shoulder problems, you may want to avoid this exercise.  To keep this move safe and effective, do not shrug the shoulders... Read more »

JUNE – Exercising Outside for the summer

Tonya Wigfall
June 12, 2012

The summer is here and warm weather is the ultimate motivation to get outside and start moving.  Longer nights and extended weekends make summer an ideal time to exercise outdoors.  Lazy weekends are nice, but don’t even think about pushing off your morning sweat session by an hour during the summer. ... Read more »

Apps for Fitness

Sarah Woods
June 12, 2012

Need some help keeping track of workouts, losing weight, or just maintaining general health?  There’s an app for that. In the iPhone App Store, the top five apps in the health and fitness category are: Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker from, MapMyRun from MapMyFitness, iTriage from... Read more »


Dr. Renee Parks
June 12, 2012

Dear Dr. Renée I love my boyfriend very much but I’m not ready for a commitment anytime soon. I recently overheard him talking to one of his friends saying that he plans on proposing. If he asks the question, I don’t want to hurt his feelings or break up with him, so how do I tell him that I’m... Read more »

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