Fulfillment at every age: Not getting stuck in the funk

Mia Bolton
October 29, 2011

We all have our daily routines: errands to run, emails to address, and a pile of work which can feel like a black hole. Things that you remember being passionate and excited about have become stale lately. You seem to be running on auto-pilot, stuck in a rut you didn’t notice until you were engulfed... Read more »

Women Honored in STEM

October 25, 2011

Women Honored in STEM

The Johns Hopkins “A Woman’s Journey” Health Conference Coming Nov. 12th. View their website at: http://www.hopkinsmedicine.org/awomansjourney/baltimore


October 12, 2011

View “A Woman’s Journey” 2010 video here.

President Obama Welcomes 3 Girl Winners of Global Science Fair to the White House

October 7, 2011

3 girl winners of world science fair.

Can we get a dog?

Aileen Gabbey
October 6, 2011

If you are the parent of a young child, you have likely heard the pleading question, ‘Can we get a dog?’ It is a wonderful experience to grow up with a beloved pet, and children can have such loving and positive moments with a pet in the home. The question then often becomes, ‘Do we want a puppy... Read more »

Cold Weather Skincare

Kathleen Novak
October 6, 2011

Goodbye warm and long summer days and hello chilly, short winter days! While packing up your swimsuit and pulling out your heavy coats, why not take a peek at your skincare products? Cold weather can wreak havoc on your skin, leaving it dry, red and flaky. The products that kept you glowing through the... Read more »

Rabbi Elizabeth Bolton: Local Rabbi, Global Vision

Rabbi Elizabeth Bolton
October 6, 2011

What would impel a woman rabbi from Baltimore city to visit a community on the coast of Ghana? I play a lot of different roles here at home. Mornings I’m a single mom, getting my son off to school. The rest of the day, week, and weekends include being an organizer, sermonizer, listener, writer, speaker,... Read more »

October Move-of-the-Month

Jason Bosley-Smith
October 6, 2011

Lateral Band Walk A great move to target trouble spots in the hips, the lateral band walk can be easily incorporated into your routine by using the following technique. DESCRIPTION: Stand with a resistance band under the feet; feet shoulder-width apart. Grip the handles of the band, cross them,... Read more »

Are you living without regrets?

Vicki T. Lee
October 6, 2011

When Debbie found out that her cancer was terminal, it had already destroyed her breast cells and accelerated throughout her body. In as little as a few months, death took her out of the pain that the morphine could no longer relieve. Before she died, I would take her baby niece to see her. In between... Read more »

Safe Travel Tips for Women

Jenna Swartz
October 6, 2011

Today, more than ever, women are choosing to do something that was once thought to be not only taboo, but too dangerous; they are traveling alone. In 2010, Travel and Leisure Magazine estimated that 50 percent of frequent fliers were women; a modest increase from years prior, and that number is slated... Read more »

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